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Why Kulturkirche Köln?

Fenster Lutherkirche

A historical place

The Lutherkirche is one of the rare neo-Gothic buildings in Cologne. Built in 1889 as a church for the ever-growing protestant parish in the borough of Nippes it has from its beginnings set an example of how the impossible can become possible. The money for its construction was provided by a jubilee fund for the erection of Lutheran churches, the architect planned the interior design for free in order to give the church its integrative charisma which it has kept up until today - and the "poor" people from Nippes got one of the most beautiful protestant churches in Cologne.

Spirited Centre

Today the church still is a parish church and is used every Sunday at 11 a.m. for service. A lot of people find the exceptional atmosphere of its space, its cheerful sentiment and the pleasant colours especially enjoyable - the Lutherkirche has become the "favourite church" for quite a number of Cologne people.

Therefore it was merely a matter of time until the musicians and artists who live and work in Nippes would call attention to the church as a venue. The very successful SPARK-Night and the subsequent Nippes-Nights encouraged a project which opened up a new exceptional venue for cultural experiences: The Lutherkirche became the Kulturkirche Köln.

New cultural space

Cultural events in the Kulturkirche Köln are not per se religious events - but they want to give people space to share the experience of cultural events in an intensive, personal, and innovative way. At least once a month the programme features music, workshops, theatre performances and visual arts. The space of the church which influences the artist and which coins the events provides the context. Whether it is the special acoustics, or the examination of light, of community, of space and time, or of spirituality - no boundaries are set for the artist.

Kulturkirche to rent:

You can rent the Kulturkirche for your events. The professional equipment and the experience of the team of the Kulturkirche make for a top-class location.

For further information please contact us via e-mail ( or telephone (Thomas Diederichs: 0049 - 221 - 73 37 00).

We will be happy to answer any questions and enquiries.


Dimensions: 30 x 14 metres
Seating: 400 seats (banks), 250 seats (chairs), standing room for 600 when empty
Technolgy: Peters-Organ (2 manuals), lavatories, foyer and marquee
Stage: 6 x 6 metres
Lights: Lightcommander MA 24/48, 8 Moving Heads
Sound: Crest Audio HP Eight / 24 - (6/8 Monitore - Martin 1200 / 1500 / Nexo PS15), Rencus Heinz - Line Array with sub-basses
Noteworthy: Smoking is forbidden inside the church.

The Kulturkirche is suited as a location for film and television productions, for the presentation of products and companies, media or cultural events by companies, or for gala performances.
We are happy to help with the generation of programme plans, as well as with catering or media management.

Booking of artists

We book our events via concert artists' agencies.

Some bands or solo artists may send us tapes and information material. However, there is little sense in booking an unknown act when only a few people come to the concert. Nevertheless, if you think that there are good reasons for your band to fit into our programm (e.g. as the supporting band of a well-known act) you should tell us about it in a short e-mail. Once a year we provide the opportunity for less-known ensambles to perform during the Nippes-Night. For further information please take a look at the Nippes-Nacht homepage.

We are happy to provide more detailled information about boking and renting procedures, the programme and the project if you contact us via

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